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A Christian Traders' Dilemma

I recently heard a story about a Texas hold'em poker player trying to reconcile the apparent contradiction between his Christian faith, which opposes gambling, and his desire to be a professional card player. With a bit of humility, he explained, When I sit down at that table, Jesus tells me, 'Son, you're on your own'.

As a Christian, my role as a steward of God's resources gives me pause about gambling. And as a trading coach, I continue to receive phone calls and emails from… Continue

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GBP/USD..........bullish trend resumes, higher highs and lows

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The U.S. Dollar index has broken down again after the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's speech. The DXY is now at new lows for the day and for the year. The market obviously does not believe the Treasury or the Federal Reserve Banks's tough talk on a strong dollar policy.

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Bernanke Throws Support Behind U.S. Dollar

The U.S. dollar rallied against the euro rallied on the heels of Ben Bernanke's comments as the Fed Chairman pledges to use Fed policy to "ensure that the dollar is strong." He indicated that the central bank will monitor the dollar closely which implies that other nations may be pressuring the U.S. government to stop the dollar from falling. Coming on the heels of President Obama's trip to Asia, the timing of the Federal Reserve's support for the dollar suggests that this may be move to… Continue

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Bernanke sees moderate U.S. growth in 2010 Tight credit, weak job market remain significant risks to economy

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- The U.S. economy still faces considerable challenges, but the most likely outcome is moderate economic growth with subdued inflation, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Monday.

"I expect moderate economic growth to continue next year," Bernanke said in remarks prepared for delivery to the Economic Club of New York. "Final demand shows signs of strengthening, supported by the broad improvement in financial conditions."

However, "significant… Continue

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Rally Faces Bernanke On Economy

Wall Street posted a largely successful week leveraged off the persistent declines in the dollar, as market averages climbed to records despite some unevenness in the trends, but the durability of the advance figured to face a stiff challenge next week:

Ben Bernanke, the dollar’s chief pallbearer and the source of easy money, is slated to talk economy at the start of the week.

His comments certainly don’t have to be any kind of gamebreaker, not by any means. One of the… Continue

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Barclays Plc............Ultimate downside target of £2.70-£2.80

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Intraday Market Thought from Ashraf Laidi, 2009.11.16 10:15

Weaker than expected US Oct retail sales fail to dampen risk appetite as markets expect Bernankes speech (17:30 GMT) to once again prove negative for the greenback confirming the Feds broadening shift to dovishness (similar to this months FOMC statement and most recent FOMC speeches). Gold surges to 1134. As the Dow tests above the key 10,345 level and S&P attempts to stay above 1,100, USD weakness deepens across the board. GBPUSD still struggles to regain $1.6750s, a break of which to… Continue

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Oil .......coming into resistance @ $78.5 ........

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Dollar Hit by Retail Sales and Empire State

Weakness beneath the headlines is the story behind this morning's U.S. economic reports and the reason why the dollar is not responding to the pick up in consumer spending. Retail sales increased 1.4 percent in the month of October, but excluding autos, sales grew by only 0.2 percent, half the pace of the previous month. Car purchases single handedly drove up spending. Even though Americans ate out more and bought clothing and general merchandise, the increase in discretionary spending was… Continue

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SP500 - watch this gap - Key Leve1106

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FTSE Daily for resistance at 5380, response to C1889

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Intraday Market Thought From Ashraf Laidi - November 16, 2009

There was no surprise that APEC and China played failed to agree with US demands of revaluing the Chinese yuan. FX markets interpreted the news as a continuation of the status quo and more dollar weakness. US Oct retail sales due at 13:30 expected +1.0% from -1.5% and ex autos seen +0.4% from +0.5%. A return to positive territory would further boost selling of USD and JPY, but GBPUSD remains capped at $1.6740s and EURUSD still unable to regain $1.50. Keep a close watch on oil prices for the… Continue

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Economy Still Faces 'Significant Weakness': Fed's Hoenig

A Federal Reserve official said on Monday that the U.S. economy still faced "significant weaknesses" and urged policymakers to allow large financial institutions to fail if needed.

"We still have significant weaknesses to work through in the economy in the U.S. and coupled with a rapidly rising level ... (of) debt and enormous moral hazard issues, we have a great deal of work ahead of us," said Kansas City Fed President Thomas Hoenig.

Data showed last week that U.S.… Continue

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