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my favourite catchphrase

which way will it break.??

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dollar index bullish etf
price now at the bottom of the range

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It is important to use multiple time frames in order to find the best support/resistance levels. Often what looks to be a bullish level on a smaller time frame may not necessarily be a bullish pattern on the larger time frame. The same theory holds true for moving averages on different time frames.

For example, the SPY below was putting in a bullish pattern on the 5 and 10 minute charts. However, traders identified the 200 moving average on the 60 minute chart as… Continue

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Based upon recent price action there are signs of exhaustion in the currency and equity markets as the 1.50 level in the EUR/USD and 1100 level in the S&P 500 appear to be insurmountable barriers. However with little U.S. economic data on the calendar this past week, traders had few reasons to press the dollar to new lows. Instead, most of the currency pairs consolidated with some profit taking seen on dollar short positions. Yet dollars bears have not given up as indicated by the lower… Continue

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Dow Jones Industrial index - Bull flag is intact

keep watching this trend line............I would wait for a negation of higher highs or a double top before opening up a short. This graph certainly looks bullish from a technical point of view as it is trading above its downward sloping trend line.…


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Often many traders listen to what comes from one of the financial networks and they try and react after they hear a news report. Usually the news is already baked into the cake and the market is usually going to move contra to the news. Today the market had a negative Michigan sentiment report and many people became very bearish after the report. We instructed our traders to just pay attention to the U.S. Dollar as that is what the market is currently trading off of. Simply put the market is… Continue

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Nasdaq- the flying albatross ..........

I posted this chart earlier and the trend line is holding perfectly

Technical Analysis Folks

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US dollar Index for a double bottom

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Nasdaq - Nice bounce off gap fill

Watch the 1772 .......if we breach it then very good support at 200 MA and Pivot S1 support at 1762

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DAX ..........latest chart update at 14.45

can we hold this double bottom or do we fail

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US Dollar Index ........resistance = support

Downward sloping trend line was resistance initially but now it has become support

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Trade Gap Surges Amid Oil Rise; Import Prices Up 0.7%

The U.S. trade deficit widened in September by an unexpectedly large 18.2 percent, the largest increase in more than 10 years, as oil prices rose for the seventh straight month and imports from China bounded higher.

Adding urgency to talks President Barack Obama will have with Chinese leaders in coming days, the monthly trade gap grew to $36.5 billion, from a slightly revised estimate of $30.8 billion in August, the Commerce Department said on Friday.

The monthly trade gap… Continue

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FTSE latest @ 14.25 ...trend line still being obeyed but...

we have a bear flag pattern on FTSE

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eurusd.10 min data points

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FTSE - the range is getting narrower ....which way will it break?

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FTSE 100 - potential short opportunity beckoning

The Fibonacci retracement levels taking the high of the wick yesterday to the low of the wick today projects

50% = 5284

61.8% = 5290

My other variables such as Barclays, BP, BHP Billiton and Marcks and Spencer are not showing any signs or strength.

Add to that the liquidation in oil and the threat that it will breach $77 based on the assumption that EUR/USD is heading lower.

Dollar Index broken above 75.3-75.4 .............resistance =… Continue

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Obama Can’t Avoid Immovable Yuan as Dollar Sinks Asia

Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama may find on his Asian visit that began today that discontent about China’s currency peg to the dollar isn’t confined to Washington’s lawmakers and business lobbyists.

From Mumbai-based Alok Industries Ltd., which supplies Wal- Mart Stores Inc. with textiles, to Bangkok-based semiconductor packager Hana Microelectronics Pcl, Asian companies say Chinese rivals have an unfair advantage because of the yuan-dollar link. The dollar has declined… Continue

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The China dollar

As U.S. President Barack Obama prepares for his China visit , China and other Asian countries are under pressure to let their currencies float upwards against the dollar, amid extreme financial uncertainty and the disturbing prospect of political tensions. This is the wrong way to do things. The Sino-American currency relationship is certainly critical to any prospective recovery of the world economy, but we need a new, more revolutionary, approach.

Despite its recent financial woes,… Continue

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US dollar basket

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