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How The Charts Revealed That The Financial Stocks Would Lead The Market This Week. GS, WFC, JPM, MS

By Chief Market Strategist Gareth Soloway on December 31st, 2009 12:26pm Eastern Time

Over the last few days the markets have hovered flat as many sectors have pulled back. While technology and commodities seem to be stalling out, a few short term leader has emerged to take its place, keeping the market flat and not… Continue

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When the Bond Market Speaks the Stock Market Listens -

By Nicholas Santiago on December 31st, 2009 12:33pm Eastern Time

How long can the Fed funds rate stay at zero percent? This is the overnight lending rate from the Federal Reserve Bank to the large banks such as J.P. Morgan Chase (NYSE:JPM), and other giant institutions. In June of 2009 the 10 year Treasury yield reached a high of 4.00% and this was really the only pullback in the stock market since the March 2009 bottom. Obviously the higher yield hurts the mortgage market. The key 10 year… Continue

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Intraday Market Thought from Ashraf Laidi

The US DOLLAR INDEX could be sending signals similar to those in July 2008, when the bottoming process turned into a full fledged rally that was boosted by massive deleveraging in equities and commodities. The fact that the current USD rally is emerging despote strengthening oil and stocks suggests more powerful USD dvances ahead at the next downleg in equities. We will closely watch horizontal-shaped 100-week MA, currently at 78.90, which proves as the main barrier to the important 81.40… Continue

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ftse..last 5 days

hopefully this range will get tighter

Added by dentist 007 on December 31, 2009 at 8:15am — 3 Comments

happy new year to all.and a very profitable one

yes it will be a very profitable 2010 on this website.with so much good input,there will be no failure
good luck to all

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Commentary by Kathy Lien: Dollar Lifted by Solid Chicago PMI Report -

The sell-off in global equities helped to drive the dollar higher against all of the major currencies this morning and the momentum in the greenback was further fueled by the much stronger than expected Chicago PMI report. Manufacturing activity in the Chicago region expanded for the third month in a row with the index rising from 56.1 to 60.0, the highest level since January 2006. The details of the Chicago PMI report reveals overall strength. Aside from a small contraction in supplier… Continue

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Intraday Market Thought from Ashraf Laidi.........

USD strength continues to reassert itself at the slightest sign of a pullback in equities, but CAD and CHF remain relatively robust against the US currency. USDCHF continues to offer opportunities for range-bound traders between 1.0390 and 1.0300. There is no change in our positive bias in USDJPY favouring 92.20s and 92.60s especially as the Japanese currency proves daily that fundamental weakness is here to stay for at least 3-4 weeks. GBPUSD also shows no signs of breaking from its downtrend,… Continue

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ftse...a little bearish today

a very narrow chart.most of my intraday data got wiped out...wonderful windows xp...!!

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FTSE 100 - daily analysis @ 9.06 am

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Commentary by Kathy Lien: EUR: HIT BY FIXING FLOWS-

Fixing flows drove the euro sharply lower against the U.S. dollar. Up until the release of U.S. consumer confidence numbers, the EUR/USD held onto its recent gains. However around 11am NY Time, the EUR/USD began to fall aggressively and within half an hour, the currency pair dropped close to 80 pips. There was no news or economic data released around that time and the move cannot be attributed to the confidence numbers since the EUR/USD stalled for approximately an hour after the release. Once… Continue

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Commentary by Kathy Lien: U.S. Dollar: Low Liquidity Swings -


The lack of liquidity in the financial markets this week finally triggered low volume breakouts in the foreign exchange market. The Australian and New Zealand dollars for example strengthened dramatically against the greenback despite the lack of any Australian or New Zealand economic data. The euro ended the day only marginally weaker against the dollar, but the 0.2 percent decline masks significant intraday volatility. The same is true for the… Continue

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The markets have floated since the Santa Claus rally began early last week. The volume has been extremely light and this does give the market a slight upside bias. Remember the old saying, never short a dull market. Well, this market has been very dull if you go by the current volume. Many stocks have screamed to new highs for the year such as Apple Computer(Nasdaq:AAPL), U.S. Steel(NYSE:X), and Simon Property Group(NYSE:SPG). This is the Santa Claus rally that everyone looks forward to every… Continue

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Government Predictions - Courtesy of

Today's markets are slightly higher as the volume is as light as a feather. However, today the leading names are trading lower. Apple Computer (Nasdaq:AAPL), Google (Nasdaq:GOOG), and Potash (NYSE:POT) are all negative today even as the market is positive. All of these leading stocks have had tremendous moves in 2009. These could all be leading candidates for a correction in the New Year.

2009 has had a bull run to remember by all measures. There isn't anyone who could deny that.… Continue

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dollar index etf

1 min close data.bullish fund
a downside count/green,rallying to resistance.a longer term uptrend ...lets see who wins

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Commentary by Kathy Lien: Confidence and House Prices Provide No Threats to Dollar -

As we head into the end of the year, the U.S. dollar continued to give up some its recent gains. By now, most corporations, hedge funds and institutional investors have already closed their books and the few remaining market participants are mostly interested in selling dollars and repatriating their funds to window dress their balance sheets. As a result, the dollar is trading lower against all of the major currencies except for the Japanese Yen. This morning's economic reports were in line… Continue

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