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China Seeks Solution to North Korea Problem - Wallstreet Journal

BEIJING—A senior North Korean official arrived in Beijing for talks about the crisis on the Korean peninsula Tuesday, as a new batch of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables released Monday showed a China caught between loyalty to Pyongyang and pressure from the U.S. and others to take a tougher stance.…


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Asia, Europe, U.S. Dollar, and QE-2 Make The World Go Around (NYSE:FXE) (NYSE:CLF) (NYSE:X)

Where do we begin when trying to talk about this global soap opera? Lets start in Europe. Ireland is now on the official bailout list with Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Belgium being adding to the list of the next countries to need a bailout. Gold has surged to a new high versus the Euro currency. In other words panic is starting to set in and this problem is starting to hit the fan. The big question that everyone is asking is, will there be enough money available to bail out these countries?… Continue

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Charles Nenner on CNBC talking about Sunspots 4mins

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Markets Weak As Europe Troubles Spread (NYSE:UUP) (NYSE:SPY)

The markets are lower today as the Dollar gained again. Simply put, the Dollar gains when global fears bubble up. This is happening again today in Europe as the domino effect is in full mode. Greece, Ireland and now on the horizon, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy. Where do the bailouts stop? Will Germany bail out everyone? The PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish (NYSE:UUP) is trading at $23.42, +0.07 (+0.30%). With the Dollar higher, obviously, the markets are lower. The SPDR S&P 500… Continue

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The coming food crises many fail to see coming!

Let's start this Letter with a quiz question: which human activity, part of one of 8 GTI global themes,

1. Makes modern civilisation possible,

2. Is carried out full time by 1/3 of the planet, and

3. without it, the other two-thirds face extinction?

No, it's not the internet, video games or television.

We're writing about farming, part of GTI's "Supply Inelasticity" theme. Agriculture -a much maligned activity these days amongst the urban elites- puts… Continue

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A Portrait of how Angela Merkel will be remembered in European History!

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Insight on Europe’s debt debacle.

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CHART OF THE DAY:It's Confirmed,The Housing Double Dip Is Here!

The chart (below) depicts the annual returns of the U.S. National, the 10-City Composite and the 20-City Composite Home Price Indices. The S&P/Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index, which covers all nine U.S. census divisions, recorded a 1.5% decline in the third quarter of 2010 over the third quarter of 2009. In September, the 10-City and 20-City Composites recorded annual returns of +1.6% and +0.6%, respectively.

Nothing too fancy or… Continue

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Stimulus failed, austerity next for US?

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Hong Kong Finance Chief: Do NOT Buy A Home Now Because An Interest Hike Is A Must

Hong Kong finance chief John Tsang Chun-wah has already called local real estate a bubble.

Now he's being even more clear, according to The Standard.

"If you think that any upward change in the interest rate will have an impact on your finances, then this is not the best time to make a purchase because an interest rate hike is a must - but I cannot say when it will happen," he told the legislative council.

Of course this is also self-serving advice, because reduced demand will… Continue

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Julian Assange: Next Wikileaks Dump Could Bring Down One Or Two Banks.

In his interview with Forbes, Julian Assange confirmed that the next Wikileaks dump is going to target big business.

Obviously, we can barely contain ourselves.

We don't know much, but we do know its a U.S bank, and we do know Assange thinks what he has could destroy at least two major financial insitutions.

From Forbes:

F: Is it a U.S. bank?

JA: Yes, it’s a U.S. bank.

F: One that still exists?

JA: Yes, a big U.S.… Continue

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Merkel's Dilemma and the Black Swan PartII:Even German Bonds Are Losing Safe-Haven Status.

It makes total sense... The German economy is in great shape, it would seem, but the country is increasingly being expected to bear the debts of the rest of the Eurozone, just like everyone else in Europe, it can't print its own currency. So it stands to reason that German bunds wouldn't be the safe-haven everyone assumes them to be.

And that's exactly what analysts at Nomura are pointing out, via FT Alphaville.

Whereas in the past bund yields… Continue

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Beat the Forex Dealer, by Agustin Silvani, check out the amazon customer reviews

The foreign-exchange market is often referred to as the Slaughterhouse where novice traders go to get 'chopped up'. It is one of egos and money, where millions of dollars are won and lost every day and phones are routinely thrown across hectic trading desks. This palpable excitement has led to the explosion of the retail FX market, which has unfortunately spawned a new breed of authors and gurus more than happy to provide misleading and often downright fraudulent information by promising… Continue

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RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX -- 30/11/10

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