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Stock Market Analysis

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RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX -- 27/08/10

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Ben Bernanke, Please Send Me Some Green! (Musical Comedy)

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Intraday Market Thought from Ashraf Laidi -

: GDPs, BERNANKE & CONSUMER SENTIMENT: UK Q2 GDP (4:30 EST, 8:30 am GMT, 9:30 BST) is expected to remain unrevised at 1.1% (the highest rise in 4 years), but any downward revision will likely ease cable into the $1.5570s.========= US Q2 GDP (8:30 EST, 12:30 GMT) seen revised to 1.3% from the advance reading of 2.4%. Some have mentioned a figure of as low as 0.6%. All components of the GDP report will be revised but the important PCE component (personal consumption expenditure) is seen… Continue

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Trading Analysis - Euro/GBP downtrend strengthening

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GDP 1.1

Tomorrow the Office of National Statistics announces the second reading of the UK GDP second quarter.

Market expectations

The first reading showed a growth of 1.1%, almost twice as fast as the market had expected.

The general consensus for the second reading is for no change. However, with strong headwinds facing the UK economy, traders will be keeping an eye on the second reading, particularly if there is any… Continue

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dax h&S

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Intraday Market Thought from Ashraf Laidi -

WHEN MARKETS TAKE A BREAK from the recent selloff, FX traders pick among USD, JPY and CHF as the safe haven currencies to sell. JPY is hit hardest on a combination of a bounce in Asia and European futures after the Jpns govt urged the Bank of Japan to ease the yen as part of an upcoming stimulus that has yet to be confirmed. Politically, PM Kan is being challenged by senior DPJ officials for the leadership. We have been here beforeJapanese political uncertainty combines with temporary bounce in… Continue

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Mark Cuban talks about the stock market

The best analogy for traders? They are hackers. Just as hackers search for and exploit operating system and application shortcomings, traders do the same thing. A hacker wants to jump in front of your shopping cart and grab your credit card and then sell it. A high frequency trader wants to jump in front of your trade and then sell that stock to you.…


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Online Trading Analysis 8/25/10


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Euro Dollar in a range

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Last time oil inventories were this high the price formed a low just after

Sometimes the market gets it right, inventories today were 4.1m vs estimates of 0.1m . Bad data is just weekly and profits will be taken no doubt hence movement is possible either way

On the 28th of July when this last occurred also it was a low for that period.

The main difference might be the direction of the dollar index, it was heading down then and now it is threatening to continue up though hesitates below 83.6… Continue

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Hindenburgh Omen, Gold returns after signals

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Trading Analysis - Crunch time for UK gilts

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