February 2011 Blog Posts (206)

German Dax - retest of the key pivotal trend line

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MrTopStep 2.28.11: Danny Riley Market Pattern Continues

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The Keys To The Next Market Move (NYSE:USO) (NYSE:SPY)

The markets are having their second straight bounce day on the back of light volume and continued semi calm in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Libya continues to be in a civil war but overnight China began putting pressure on Moammar Gadhafi to step down. This helped drop oil back to the flat line which pushed the futures higher. The key to oil and the markets remains, whether or not the unrest spreads to Saudi Arabia.  The United States Oil Fund LP (NYSE:USO) is currently trading at… Continue

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Classic Retrace In Progress (NASDAQ:AMZN) (NYSE:GS) (NYSE:JPM)

The markets are fading off the highs of the day as lingering global fears persist. In addition, this is a classic retrace back higher after the major drop last week. A retrace states that after a significant two or more day move, the market or stock making the move will jump in the opposite direction but stay inside the original move. After the retrace completes, the market or stock heads back in the original direction.

After putting in a major pivot top last week, the markets fell for… Continue

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Feb 28 2011

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eurusd..watch those shorts

Added by dentist 007 on February 27, 2011 at 7:12pm — 2 Comments

charts: aspect ratio

a charts aspect ratio can affect the veiwers perception of data.see the page from the walkenbach book on excel charting.the normal aspect ratio is  4:3.ie 4 wide by 3 height.hence trends can be misinterpretted

Added by dentist 007 on February 26, 2011 at 9:40am — 1 Comment

Record High Korean Fine Given Deutche Bank for Stock Market Manipulation.

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Make or break for the yankies

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Don't call it a come back Grandma

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Sick Baby Antelope

“I also don't lose much on my trades, because I wait for the exact right moment. Most people will not wait for an environment to tip itself off. They will walk into the forest when it is still dark, while I waituntil it gets light. Although the cheetah is the fastest animal in the world and can catch any animal on the plains, it will wait until it is absolutely sure it can catch its prey. It may hide in the bush for a week, waiting for just the right moment. It will wait for a baby antelope,… Continue

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BFTD - buy the F@&$ dip ..............hahahaha!!

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POMO = Buy the dip ....hahaha!!

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