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Oil ...............can we hold $77

The EUR/USD and Oil are at critical juncture.............

$76.50 - 76.8 has attracted buyers in the past, which instrument will find its support first and cause the other to rally and which instrument will give way and cause the other to falter.…


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EUR/USD the wekend gap

The currency pair closed on Friday at 1.4848 and opened on Monday morning at 1.4865.

very good support level

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FTSE 100 - previous resistance now equals support

The wedge formation is playing out well, bull flag pattern of higher highs and higher lows remains intact. The only concern I have is the liquidation in the EUR/USD which is causing a liquidation in Oil.

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JPM is trading higher on the session. Watch the 44.80 level as the first line of resistance intraday. Should that level fail to hold the 45.00 double top would be the next resistance area.

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US Dollar this trend line chaps

A break of this upward sloping trend line will cause the EUR/USD to move upwards, oil to rally and eventually lead the market to rally

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EUR/USD- Latest

after failing at the 61.8% retracement, the eur/usd is still maintaining its lower lows and lower highs...bear flag pattern. The pivot S1 is acting as support in the interim and one should look for a pull back of 50%-61.8% once we put in a bottom in order to trade back up to the downward sloping trend line.…


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FTSE 100 - latest update @ 11.30 am

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US Dollar index- Bull flag or failure ........

waiting for confirmation...keep watching this trend line

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US Dollar index- Bull flag pattern or is this a false break out?

If we break this trend line to the down side then one must assume it was a false break out above 75.3 ....and the market dollar index found resistance at 75.4 which coincides with pivot R1

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Oil ..............struggling to stay above $80

I have posted a chart of oil, 60 min time frame

We have a downward sloping trend line, In order for this to break we need to see EUR/USD above 1.5040. One can remain shorting this instrument and have stop loss above the trend line provided EUR/USD remain at bay, but any sharp appreciation above 1.50 then one would certainly remain cautious.…


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Could this be - resistance now equals support

Keep watching this level folks


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EUR/USD- Jury is out ............but it's looking bearish unless

The EUR/USD is looking bearish unless we get above the inside bar, upper body of the candle is 1.500

it is printing lower lows and lower high's at present, we have upward sloping trendline that has been negated and now we have put in a downward sloping trend line

candle close < 1.50 then it remains bearish

candle close > 1.50 then we are bullish again

safe stop loss on any short's would be 1.501 order to play the inside bar, but please keep watching your… Continue

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US dollar is strengthening this morning

Watch the resistance at 75.3

we have Initial Claims and Continuing Claims in the USA at 13.30

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S&P 500 - watch the GAP resistance at 1106

Watch this Gap.............range is 1106 - 1092

I mentioned this level to one of the individuals I was mentoring today on the S&P 500

We reached 1106(1105.4 to be precise) today and failed miserably

If we get a breach of 1106 then 1120 is the next target that all the technicians are talking about, the Fibonacci retracement of 50%.…


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