Live Trading Service

How does the Live Trading Service work ?

Mentoring Programme = Theory 
Live Analysis Service = Practical 
The live trading service is designed to complement the mentoring programme that I offer, it is designed to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of trading, an area where a lot of traders struggle. 
How I operate;
1. I send a whatsapp message instantly in real time when I enter my trade, long/short with entry level & Stop loss.  
2. I then explain the trade setup:  analysis explaining the TA and FA arguments for taking
the trade.   
3. I also provide real time live commentary on fundamentals throughout the day and help traders interpret the economic numbers and news releases. Something a lot of novice/intermediate traders find very hard. 
4. I send a whatsapp message each time I exit the trade and explain my trade management.
I normally operate between the time of 07.00 - 11.00, and then trade the US session in the evening after 15.00.  
I attempt to take 2-3 trades a day and I aim to make  50-80 points a day. I aim to average +150-200 points a week.
I predominantly trade; 
Indices; FTSE 100 , CAC 40, Euro Stoxx 50, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.
I utilise a 20-40 point stop loss on all trades.
I aim to teach people how to fish, by showing how I fish on a daily basis.
Actions speak louder than words, showing is better than telling.
I charge £50.00 per month for this service, it provides a vital insight and aids a day trader to navigate the markets with greater efficiency. 
You are more than welcome to join me in my day trading and learn and gain more experience.
A brief video explaining the Live Analysis Service


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Comment by j kumar on June 3, 2012 at 3:13pm

I decided to try the Live service when he was crowing on twitter about how many pips he was making.

I have tried his service for 2 months now & am here to tell warts and all.

He does NOT get it right all the time .

There ARE losing trades.

But after 8 weeks  on his live analysis service i can verify that he DOES  have a 90% accuracy level.

His understanding and interpretation of market analysis is second to none.

Quite why he is offering this service for just £50 is a bit puzzling.

Not sure how he manages to trade, run a website, send texts, look after subscribers etc.

For that reason alone  , i`m glad i am on board, because i would not be surprised if he is forced to withdraw this service to new subscribers. 

For anyone new "thinking" about  giving it a go - my advice- be quick!

Comment by dave hems on April 23, 2012 at 2:13pm

I have had some people contact me about the validitiy of some of Wallstreets trades, so I thought I would take the time to repeat what he put out this morning ( 23rd April 2012 ) , I do not trade everyone of his calls, but also take trades of my own using what I have been taught

Text 06:12 I am short aus/usd 1.0341 / email sent  ( i did not trade this as I was short on an order filled on eur/usd at 1.32 overnight )

Text 06:18 I am short cac 3167 / email sent ( I took this trade on his call )

Text 06:25 I am short Ftse 5744 / email sent ( I was allready short ftse as I was short on an order at 5752 overnight )

Text 07:50 Cac closed + 25 I closed out

Text 08:02 Ftse closed + 25 ( I trailed my stop and closed at 5700 )

Text 08:02 Aussie + 20 ( I was not in this trade, i was trailing my stop on the eur and got stopped out on the 9:10 candle )

Text 08:05 I have finished the day with + 70 points, fantastic start to week subscribers. enjoy your day TA analysis will be sent shortly

The above is exactly what you get from the subscription service, an absolute no brainer for £50 a month !!!!!

Note : All the stop losses are given in the follow up email after the text, if you follow them and the trade goes wrong you will not get yourself into any trouble !!!! again he is no superpower and trades will fail






Then all the emails followed with the analysis within the hour








Comment by Dipak on April 22, 2012 at 7:43pm

Some great analysis as to why trades are made which have really helped a newbie like me.  Even manages to stay on top when markets are as choppy as last week.  Many thanks for the help.

Comment by vik on April 22, 2012 at 9:48am

I have been with Wallstreet for almost 2 years. I can honestly say that it works! I don't take all his trades but i use them to decide on my own trading. He has an excellent success rate which can be traced back to few years. His TA is easy to understand even for novice traders,a very good way to learn as well. all in all i would recommend his service anybody and it only costs £50 a month!

Comment by Q on April 20, 2012 at 10:59am

I wasn't sure about the service with all the bad feedback on T2W but my concerns have been put to rest. Technicals and Fundamentals can't be faulted. Trades come thick and fast at times and you have to be on your toes to take them and match his pip count. Despite bizarre market moves this week still came out positive and have no doubt with more 'normal' market conditions he has made every pip he claims. Would definitely recommend.

Comment by Chelski on April 20, 2012 at 10:02am

I use the service in the background more so now as I don't have enough time to chart as extensively is I would like. WS has a great insight on the markets. The blend of TA and FA help you understand the reason behind the trade. Sometimes his opinion is contrary to my purely TA argument but the addition of FA and market psychology never ceases to amaze me and he is usually right!! I would recommend this to anyone novice to pro, you should nerver trade alone and this is the best way to do it. 

I dont have time to take all the trades that he fires out but i do go back over them as a learning process and his success rate is excellent. I cannot recommend this highly enough. 

Comment by Will Smart on April 20, 2012 at 10:01am

I have used this service on and off for 2 years, like the man says, he teaches through solid analysis he breaks down why he takes and calls certain trades, this together with my own set ups has been very useful. for the nominal fee charged it is great value. This is offered by one of the most honest guys involved in trading I have come across. My only fear is he stops, he is very successful and was subject to really nasty comments on trade 2 win.   

Comment by dave hems on March 20, 2012 at 3:21pm



All I can say is this guy taught me to trade in 2009 using his mentoring service, Rome is never built in a day but through determination I am now a successful trader


I signed up for his service when he first started it and have used it ever since to this day, the information that backs up his trades has helped me even further as he does not just give you a trade

But the reasons for it.


The big question does he get right all the time, the simple answer is no, if he did we would all be sitting on the back of some big yachts in the south of France.


The fact is there is no wholly grail in trading, anybody who claims 100% is simply lying.


With all his trades you get given his stops, this is what saves you from a bad trade.


All the negative T2W stuff is total rubbish in regards to wallstreet, he genuinely wants to help people trade


All the claims he makes on twitter, he puts when he wins and losses, I can confirm they are all genuine trades he has sent our via his live service .


You need to first understand the way he trades with his entrys and abide by his rules, 10 pips in BE on etc.


Also when it goes crazy don’t expect to keep up with him, I cant


I do not take all his trades as I am mostly already in them using what he has taught me, but its work all the detailed analysis he sends out


I have honestly seen him trade for weeks without a loss, if I where to have to guess his success rate I would say 80 – 95 %


If you have any questions about the service or him please email me

Comment by Aadil (site owner) on March 20, 2012 at 2:37pm

Testimonials from current and previous subscribers 

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