Live Trading Service

How does the Live Trading Service work ?

Mentoring Programme = Theory 
Live Trading Service = Practical 
The live trading service is designed to complement the mentoring programme that I offer, it is designed to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of trading, an area where a lot of traders struggle. 
How I operate;
1. I send a whatsapp message instantly in real time when I enter my trade, long/short with entry level & Stop loss.  
2. I then explain the trade setup:  analysis explaining the TA and FA arguments for taking
the trade.   
3. I also provide real time live commentary on fundamentals throughout the day and help traders interpret the economic numbers and news releases. Something a lot of novice/intermediate traders find very hard. 
4. I send a whatsapp message each time I exit the trade and explain my trade management.
I normally operate between the time of 07.00 - 11.00, and then trade the US session in the evening after 15.00.  
I attempt to take 2-3 trades a day and I aim to make  50-80 points a day. I aim to average +150-200 points a week.
I predominantly trade; 
Indices; FTSE 100 , CAC 40, Euro Stoxx 50, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.
I utilise a 20-40 point stop loss on all trades.
I aim to teach people how to fish, by showing how I fish on a daily basis.
Actions speak louder than words, showing is better than telling.
I charge £50.00 per month for this service, it provides a vital insight and aids a day trader to navigate the markets with greater efficiency. 
You are more than welcome to join me in my day trading and learn and gain more experience.
A brief video explaining the Live Analysis Service


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Comment by Nick on January 29, 2016 at 4:28pm
A highly regarded and recommended service for traders at all different levels of knowledge.
Aadil is a great mentor and a very professional and dedicated individual, a true asset to the trading environment. Not only do you receive tuition but the capacity to profit with this service.
A true reliable win win situation.

Best, Nick
Comment by omar tikrity on August 4, 2015 at 3:34pm

By far the best service I have used. Not only does Aadil tell us his entry, exit and SL, he also gives us his fundamental and technical analysis as to why he took the trade. And his trades are very accurate. Over time you start to understand why he has placed the trades and can start to place your own trades. It really is earn while you learn. I would recommend this service highly to anyone who wants to become a trader and his mentoring programme is a phenomenal course and in my opinion it is priced very low compared to what I have seen and experienced. But what's important is that you will learn to trade like a pro.

Comment by Peter Bryden on August 4, 2015 at 11:35am

The term a gentlemen & a scholar, very much applies to Aadil. He has taught me the value of inter-market analysis. He has challenged me to study. Most importantly he has shown me not to be concerned about a bad week, rather stick to the method and judge my trading over a longer term. His service is unique in that he post trades live, outlines the reasons for a trade and posts his results publicly.

Comment by Aadil (site owner) on March 3, 2015 at 11:10pm

You're welcome Rob. 

Thank you for your kind words 

Comment by Rob Jenkins on March 3, 2015 at 8:57pm
Just wanted to write a quick note to say thanks for the FAS service and you tube videos. I can't tell you how much they have helped my trading (although I only have a tiny account and only trade once or twice a week). Your analysis and insights are excellent and 9 times out of 10, spot on. So THANKS!
Comment by Neil007 on September 8, 2014 at 3:57pm

just had a weeks trial i have been trading for 4 years and got to say this is the best one out there i am now signing up for the £50 pm. KISS keep it simple son.

Comment by Neil007 on September 8, 2014 at 3:54pm

Comment by jez on May 10, 2014 at 3:49pm

i followed a week trial i must admit i probably picked a bad week but still was up on points at end of week i did not follow all the trades i mainly observed the outcome but i also received plenty of information on market conditions. The fee of £50 a month seems fair.
It was good to receive text alert early morning as this is the time i like to trade and place orders for the day.

I will give this service a thumbs up from me  

Comment by Matt on April 27, 2014 at 1:32pm

I've followed many services over the last few months and Aadil's Live Analysis service provided to be the best by far. Great insight and very well delivered.

Comment by Justyn Windsor on April 7, 2014 at 8:44pm
About to start the trial week offered by Aadil. Will post my review of the service after a week for everyone to read my experience of following the analysis and trades.
Comment by Huw Lloyd on February 24, 2014 at 9:27pm

I came to review Aadil's live analysis service having experienced let's just call it 'inconsistent' profits interspersed with losses which I'm trying to ensure are not larger and less frequent than the losses!

Having used the 1 week trial, I've found the Fundamental Analysis explanation of the live trades particularly useful and refreshingly clear.  I would say this is the weakest part of my trading, so it particularly helped to know the likely depth of impact of certain events and reasons why they affected price in the way they did.

I'm not actually trying to match Aadil's exact moves, but the data feed of each trade when placed I found to be fast and factual, instead of some I have seen who often publish their trades too late, which reduces their credibility.  I already have confidence in the accuracy of Aadil's trades and am most grateful for this breath of fresh air!

Will I subscribe?  A big YES.

Thank you Aadil for sharing your knowledge!

Comment by Luke on January 29, 2014 at 4:13pm

In general: 8/10

Aadil Skills: 9/10

Live analysis service: 5/10

I ignore reviews and comments on everything which gives 5/5 or 10/10 because I simply dont believe anything is perfect. Its useless for someone who wants to sign up because it would be misleading. Its also useless for the site owner who should be looking to improve his service. Having said that, this review is a honest one. I will say whats good and whats bad. My honest opinion:

How I got here:

On the explosive sell off on friday (24.01.14) I lost a lot of hard earned cash. I had no idea what was going on so I wanted to see what others thought. I came across Aadil Youtube video for the 27.01.14 analysis. I was impressived with what he was saying, how he was saying it and the information explaining the trend. I went back and watched all his previous videos to find out he was correct on most occassions.

What you get:Since the Live Analysis service was free for one week I thought "why not". Aadil will send you updates on when he goes in long/short, his stop losses, tgt and when he closes. Sometimes, he will also provide an Analysis of his trades. Text, e-mail, chat, twitter and whatsapp. Good stuff! He will also post videos regulalry explaining what has been happening the last few hours and days. Depends how you want to use it, you can either take the same trades as he does or even better: learn why he does it. He achieves  200+ /week and has been doing so consistently with only a handful of weekly losses in the last 6 years. However, you will need to be on your trading platform consistently and hitting the trades asap in the right position to enjoy the same trades as he does. Having said that, you will still go in positive but you will not achieve the same points as he does. (why, see below)

Review of the Live Analysis Service:

1) Communication channels:

Ok, you get text messages, whatsapp, e-mails, twitter etc.etc. but only one of them is truely reliable.= the text message. Text messages go straight from A to B with no delays (not even new years nowadays). Whatsapp is risky because you sometimes wont get the message fast enough because your smartphone pushes regulalry to get the internet/wifi connection. E-mails again, they can be super fast or they can take even longer than anything else. In addition, you would need to have a smartphone setting, notifying you straight away when you get an e-mail.

Why is this a problem? Well, lets say the DAX is on 9500. Aadil has some good indications (technical,fundamental) that will see a future increase. He waits and gets into the right dip and goes long. Then he lets you know of his decision. Your pocket vibrates and you get the message. Quickly (assuming you can right now), you place the trade but the problem you have had now is that you missed the dip and you will lose some points because its already on its way. Thats life. Aadil will have made 50+ whilst you made 30+. NOT BAD. But what if the message doesnt reach you quick enough? Or worse: things turn round and you have to close in the right moment to avoid a loss. Aadil wins on most of his trades, yes, because in a losing trade he will take the right moment to close. You will not get the right moment because of the delay. So it turns out Aadil made 10+ whilst you still sit on -10. Get it? You might make it back later but you might risk to lose even more. 

2) The messages dont come out equally. I chose text messages and emails because my iphone would vibrate instantly on both. I would be able to place a trade in the next 15 seconds of reaching easily. However, you (Aadil) sometimes dont place them out equally. I would get texts before email. Email before texts and they would be spaced too much apart. Not consistent, Not reliable enough.

Will I buy the service?

50 quid/month. Abs. YES!

Comment by Michael Boot on November 5, 2013 at 5:13pm

Having traded for around 5 years now with varying degrees of success, I new that I needed greater consistency, and having seen Aadil's work decided that here was a guy who knew what he was talking about.

They say that timing is everything in the market so, to paraphrase Aadil, I chose to come along when he was having one of his worst periods in all the time he has been providing this service.........................and I still wasn't disappointed!

In one month he has provided 135 analysis emails complete with charts and explanations as to the reasoning behind each of his trades - which of course is the educational ethos behind his whole site - and this is without the various videos on youtube etc.

As a believer in Lifelong Education ( I''ll never know it all), I came along for a limited period knowing that I needed an extra string to my bow. The holistic approach of Intermarket Analysis has provided me with sufficient food for thought that I think I will still be thanking Aadil in many years to come. We can all get into habits and set ways of doing things, so to have someone (knowledgeable) suggest looking at a situation this way or that way instead can only be beneficial.

I can't imagine any stage of an individual's trading career where Intermarket Analysis cannot be of help, thank you again Aadil for ALL that you give.


Comment by Spreadbett on October 20, 2013 at 7:07pm

Firstly, I'd like to apologise to Aadil for taking so long to getting round to posting a review, lack of time on my part is a poor excuse when you see how much he manages to get done every day for his subscribers.

Right, I discovered Aadil during my uni days back when he was growing on T2W and was one of the first members on this site so have been watching him grow for over 4 years.  I found the site very useful at the time as it opened my eyes as an utter beginner and made the most of the chat facility as I could learn and speak to several traders about the stark reality of trading for a living and their styles/strategies.  Personally I was then distracted with uni work and then employment in a prop firm trading different products/markets in a very different style to what Aadil does here so couldn't commit fully to both but I won't discuss that further.

After that I finally took the plunge and took the mentoring programme nearly a year ago, which I found very useful and valuable. Aadil will give you all the time you need and answer everything truthfully.  I also joined the LAS at the same time, but honestly I joined during one of his worst runs and I did take a hit post-Obama's re-election and the start of the QE junkie trades.  However since then it is clear that he can consistently make what he states.

One thing to note is, even during his bad runs, it is not because he is unaware of why his trades are going wrong or he has missed something obvious, it is because he will trade as he would trade every day of the year for every year.  Using the same thought process and analysis as you will read in his emails.  Not just jumping on the bandwagon of the latest 'fad' of the time - be it the election euphoria last year, the fiscal cliff, QE, the taper trade, debt-ceiling, govt shutdown etc etc. as these 'events' will only make (or lose) you money once

I personally don't have the time to take every trade he does due to my own work commitments, however once I stopped trying to nail his exact entries/exits and tweaking to replicate his results and focussed instead on taking the time to study religiously every night his analysis emails, you will then learn to pre-empt him and trade for yourself.  This is THE most important function of the LAS.  In fact I use the LAS during the day more as a fundamental news service with his texts that keep me far more clued up on bias than anyone in my office could.

Finally,  I'd just like to say thank you to Aadil for all his hard work, it really is appreciated, and it is great to have someone to aspire, look up to and speak to for help when I've seen so many traders fail in the relatively short time I've been in this game due to lack of sound advice and management of one's attitude, discipline and approach. 

Comment by Chelski on October 9, 2013 at 9:00am

I have used the "Live Analysis" service on and off depending on my time limits and am constantly amazed at how he does it. I trade from daily or weekly charts mostly currency across 26 pairs so having a more instant snapshot of the market often helps my decision making on some of my own trades. No one will ever be 100% but this comes close. 

The service is excellent and you are getting a blend of Technical and Fundamental which often helps to raise your understanding. 

How he does it i will never know, it's like there are 2-3 of them!!

Comment by LBX on October 7, 2013 at 9:13pm

I came across Aadil's service on Twitter . I have been a member for the last 2 months . He gets 90% of the trades correct . I have made profits in the last 2 months , something I could not achieve on my own before . 

I will be taking up the mentoring programme next month . 

Aadil not only has in-depth knowledge of the market but also knows a lot of the behind the scenes activities and txts / mails on how to anticipate thesemoves . 

A Brillant service that I will be committed for life . 

Comment by usman khan on October 5, 2013 at 1:40pm

I would also like to join the list of endorsing Aadil.

I recently joined the Live Analysis service. I find the service extremely informative and financially rewarding! Due to working full time I cannot commit to learn to trade but the daily Text/Emails I receive from Aadil has helped to increase my understanding of the markets and his decisions to open a new positions are explained thoroughly.  I use the LAS to supplement a small second income and all I can say keep up the good work! 

The only slight criticism I would have is sometimes you receive an email/text 6am or 7.30am etc about a position it would be helpful  if you could give us a little more heads up about the trading plan for the day but for £50 a month im not gonna complain.

Top stuff and keep it up!

Comment by Martin Stone on October 5, 2013 at 1:00pm

I stumbled across the service, and being curious I opted in for the free trial. So glad I did. I immediately became a subscriber, and my first two weeks have been great.

He is clear, concise and accurate. What more would anybody want? Well, it is also great value for money!

I haven't signed up for the mentoring yet, but will definitely do so in due course.

Do yourself a favour and take the weeks free trial,it certainly opened my eyes, and he comes across as a very genuine, sincere person. 

Comment by Abbas Shah on October 5, 2013 at 12:10am
I have been a subscriber on this live service for sometime now and I follow the trades sent on full time basis but only trade on part time basis due to other commitments and I can say this service is unique and provides all of us with superb educational experience along with some wonderful profits.

Hoping to trade on full time basis soon and increase my account balance with the help of this service.

Thanks for all your help so far and may it long continue for all of us.

Thanks again
Comment by Andy Robertson on October 4, 2013 at 11:24pm

What a fantastic service, making money while being educated doesn't get much better than that.

Was obviously a little sceptical at first, but free trial week convinced me to go for it.

Three weeks in I have to admit Aadil is smashing it every week. Fair play sir!

My only problem as a working Dad is finding the time to sit down and go through the analysis.

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